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Introduction to the Bonded Voices Hosts.

Welcome to the Bonded Voices Podcast. Where we lift men up to be happier, healthier, wiser; more connected through conversations and more engaged with their families, friends and community. Why? Because good men make the world a better place. We understand that men need interesting conversations with other men. It is a source of happiness. Suicide amongst middle-aged men is at epidemic proportions. Men need casual conversations and friends who will hold in-trust private conversations. Listening in on conversations teaches us how to engage and grows our conversational wisdom. You can find out how we created our friend’s circle, so you can create yours. Listen to Bonded Voices – Brothers in Conversation.

You can find out how we created our friend’s circle here on the Bonded Voices podcast – Brothers in Conversation.

Bonded Voices


Ian’s journey spans continents, blending a rich tapestry of family, faith, and professional pursuits. Hailing from Coventry, England, and now calling Scottsdale, AZ, home, Ian is a devoted husband and father to two teenage boys. His unwavering faith as a child of Jesus Christ serves as a guiding light in his life, shaping his values and actions.

Ian’s professional life is as diverse as it is accomplished. With a prominent role in the music industry, he shines as an executive, songwriter, and musician. His passion for music is matched by his fervor for discussions on world issues, relishing in the intellectual arena of debating and exchanging thoughts on global affairs.

His commitment to his beliefs, love for his family, and active engagement in music and global discourse characterize a life dedicated to both personal and professional growth. Ian’s story epitomizes the harmonious balance between faith, family, and a fervent pursuit of his passions.


Greg is a multifaceted professional whose journey through diverse industries showcases his adaptability and passion for learning. With roots in construction, Greg later spread his wings into the dynamic realms of aviation and finance, demonstrating a remarkable ability to thrive in different professional landscapes.

As much as Greg excels in his career pursuits, his pride shines most brightly in his role as a devoted husband and father. He holds his family in the highest regard, making choices guided by their well-being and happiness. Actively involved in organized youth sports, Greg has woven a tapestry of shared experiences and camaraderie into the fabric of his family life, fostering a deep sense of community and teamwork.

His insatiable curiosity drives Greg’s enthusiasm for understanding the inner workings of things, a passion that intertwines with his love for all things mechanical and classic automobiles. This interest fuels his leisure time, delving into the world of engines and vintage cars, where he finds solace in exploring and understanding the intricate mechanisms behind these automotive classics.

Greg’s story is one of versatility, dedication to family, and an insatiable thirst for understanding the mechanical world around him. His professional journey, family-first approach, and love for mechanical intricacies characterize a life of diverse passions and unwavering commitment to those he holds dear.


Loren is a dedicated family man, father to four wonderful children, whose life has been colored by a deep commitment to service and martial arts. His journey began in the US Marine Corps, where he honed his discipline and leadership.

After his service, Loren delved into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, finding both a passion and a means of continual self-improvement.

In his professional life, Loren is a cornerstone of a top financial company, serving in the critical realm of information security. His expertise in this field reflects his unwavering commitment to safeguarding data and systems.

Balancing his demanding career and martial arts practice, he remains an inspiration to his kids, instilling values of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. Loren embodies the ideals of a dedicated professional, a loving father, and a passionate martial artist, weaving a dynamic tapestry of service, skill, and family in his remarkable life.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to the Bonded Voices hosts.