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Bonded Voices Podcast discusses Fighting for Men’s Mental Health with the US Men’s Sheds Association 

Scottsdale, Ariz, March 25th, 2024 — Bonded Voices, the dynamic conversations podcast for men announces the release of its 37th podcast with entrepreneur and US Men’s Sheds Association Director, Mark Winston. “We are stronger together” is their motto and Bonded Voices is a kindred spirit. Fighting for Men’s Mental Health has been a driving force for Bonded Voices. 

The Men’s Sheds movement, which originated in Australia in the mid-nineties has since spread globally. The movement aims to combat social isolation and loneliness among men by providing a space for them to connect, engage in activities from woodworking to community volunteer work, and support for one another. The organization welcomes men of all ages and backgrounds, and there are options for both physical and digital sheds. Mark emphasizes the positive impact Men’s Sheds have had on individuals, providing a sense of purpose and companionship, especially for retirees and those facing life changes. 

With its compelling content, engaging storytelling, and thought-provoking discussions, Bonded Voices has garnered an impressive and rapidly growing audience. It continues to surpass expectations by publishing its 37th episode and positioning itself among the top podcasts globally. In an industry where 44% of podcasts struggle to break past the third episode, Bonded Voices – Brothers in Conversation has defied the odds and emerged as a thriving force. 

Hosted by Ian, Loren, and Greg, Bonded Voices’ mission is to create a support group of men with shared values and interests—a braintrust of experiences and advice. The podcast has become a go-to for middle-aged men seeking enriching conversations, insightful interviews, and a diverse range of topics that resonate with this important demographic. 

As Bonded Voices continues to thrive and expand to terrestrial radio in certain markets and has just been picked up by PodcastRadio, a funded venture out of the UK, the team looks forward to expanding its reach and picking up a title sponsor and further establishing itself as a beacon of excellence in the podcasting realm while providing an important connection to men. 

About Bonded Voices Podcast  
We want to lift men up to be happier, healthier, wiser and more engaged with their families, friends, and community. Why? Because good men make the world a better place. We understand that men need interesting conversations with other men. It is a source of happiness. Suicide amongst middle-aged men is at epidemic proportions. Men need casual conversations and friends who will hold in-trust private conversations. Listening in on conversations teaches us how to engage and grows our conversational wisdom. You can find out how we created our friends’ circle, so you can create yours.  

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