Episode 01: Introduction to our Bonded Voices podcast

Introduction to the Bonded Voices Podcast. Where we lift men up to be happier, healthier, wiser; more connected through conversations and more engaged with their families, friends and community. Why? Because good men make the world a better place. 

How do you create a support group of men with shared values and interests—a braintrust of experiences and advice? Start with inviting friends for coffee on a regular basis. 

What are friends, best friends, and acquaintances? We explore these questions and other interesting topics for men like sports, religion, ai, technology, politics, real estate, investing, family, relationships, and more. We encourage you to recreate the camaraderie that existed in school in your sports teams and social circles. As men join the workforce and marry they enter middle age and lose these inputs that make them appealing, vigorous, and exciting.  

We understand that men need interesting conversations with other men. It is a source of happiness. Suicide amongst middle-aged men is at epidemic proportions. Men need casual conversations and friends who will hold in-trust private conversations. Listening in on conversations teaches us how to engage and grows our conversational wisdom. You can find out how we created our friend’s circle, so you can create yours. Listen to Our podcast Bonded Voices – Brothers in Conversation.  Listen on Rumble