Episode 24: The Importance of New Year’s Resolutions

In this episode of the Bonded Voices podcast, the hosts, Loren, Greg, and Ian, discuss New Year’s goals. They reflect on the previous year’s goals, share their experiences of setting and achieving goals, and explore the importance of New Year’s resolutions. Loren talks about her challenges in meeting last year’s goals, emphasizing the significance of having goals as something to strive for. The hosts discuss whether it’s more important to reach the goal or to make an effort to improve oneself, highlighting the value of setting challenging and stretching goals.

The conversation delves into the distinction between resolutions and goals. Loren suggests that resolutions are more about a direction or determination, while goals have measurable objectives. They discuss the role of milestones in achieving goals and the psychological benefits of accomplishing them. The hosts emphasize the importance of planning, writing down resolutions, and regularly checking and adjusting them. They encourage listeners to share their resolutions and commit to being accountable for them. The episode concludes with wishes for a happy New Year.

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