Episode 26: Seth Leibsohn: Cognitive dissonance; America and Israel’s fight for survival.

In this episode of Bonded Voices. Loren, Greg, and Ian sat down for a conversation with radio host, writer, policy, political, and communications expert – Seth Leibsohn to talk about the topic, Cognitive dissonance; America and Israel’s fight for survival. It’s insightful and should have you pondering truth, morality and the societal influences on you, your family, and your children. It should make you question the discomfort you feel when your deeply held beliefs suddenly don’t match what is evident in reality. 

The conversation covered societal influences on beliefs and the importance of truth. It also touched on the challenges in communication when basic facts are not agreed upon. They cover people’s biases in supporting either side and one’s ability to grapple with facts when the side you support has committed atrocities and evils yet you still fully support them while calling for a ceasefire. The conversation discusses the aftermath of the war in Gaza, what the future holds for Israel, Gaza and America, the media’s portrayal, and the influence of ideologies. The podcast aims to foster meaningful conversations, particularly among men and highlights the need for a steady routine and reliable communication. Register on our Bondedvoices.com site and Enjoy the show.

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